CULTURES INTERACTIVE e.V. Verein zur Interkulturellen Bildung und Gewaltprävention (CI)

CI was founded in 2002 in Berlin, Germany, with the aim of targeting right wing extremism and Neonazism, which had gained in magnitude in Eastern Germany following German reunification. Subsequently, CI also began to intervene in inner-city districts struck by migration-related radical ethnic and religious tensions. CI has piloted a range of innovative and sustainable approaches, including as part of German “Federal Model Projects,” to prevent and counter youth extremism/fundamentalism, polarisation, and violence and to promote resilience building within civil society. CI has put particular emphasis on developing methods for difficult-to-engage adolescent populations that are not appropriately addressed by existing educational and/or cognitive-behavioural interventions. CI collaborates closely with an academic board composed of individuals engaged in social research, narratology, psychology, criminology, and cultural studies. CI is currently engaged in a range of national and EU projects on best practice research, including through the Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN).