ITTI SP ZOO (ITTI) is a private Polish company focused on IT and telecom consulting for end users, assisting public administrations, utilities, banks, and companies with a view to purchasing, implementing and optimising IT and telecom systems, consulting for the telecommunications sector and applied R&D in the area of IT and telecommunications.

ITTI was awarded the prestigious Cristal Brussels Prize in 2006 and 2010 for the most active and successful Polish SME participating in FP6 and FP7 IST. ITTI was also rewarded in 2009 by the Polish Ministry of Defence for its strong performance in R&D projects for the European Defence Agency.

Main project tasks

ITTI will develop the software to support the evaluation toolkit. ITTI will also provide a helpdesk facility during the piloting of the toolkit, and it will refine the software on the basis of the pilot feedback.