Sorø Kommune (SSP SORØ) 

SSP SORØ is part of the municipality administration of Sorø Kommune, constitutes a cooperation of schools, social administration, and police (SSP), and is concerned exclusively with youth crime prevention work. Denmark has been on the forefront of pioneering the SSP model in tackling radicalisation and youth crime. The SSP network of 98 municipal entities is organised along Denmark’s 12 police districts. SSP SORØ is chairing its police districts’ SSP council and also hosts the “Info House.” The Info House engages in awareness raising, capacity building, staff training, and also handles all concerns regarding youth extremism in each of the 7 municipalities in the police district. Since 2009 the SSP has spearheaded early prevention of extremism through a partnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Danish Intelligence Service. This effort has been validated by leading experts in the field, such as Tore Bjørgo and Magnus Ranstorp, who are both members of RAN and who noted that countries worldwide would be in a better position with regard to preventing terrorism if they adopted the SSP model.