IMPACT Europe Toolkit – Practitioners Training Sessions

The month of February saw the IMPACT Europe team run a number of training sessions for practitioners interested in piloting the project-developed evaluation toolkit for counter violent radicalisation activities. IMPACT Europe researchers introduced practitioners taking part in trainings to the toolkit through an ad-hoc training course, inclusive of a specific train-the-trainer component and training manual.

The toolkit developed and presented during these sessions draws on a state-of-the-art knowledge database on radicalisation factors, existing counter violent radicalisation interventions, and approaches to evaluating these interventions. Ultimately, the toolkit aims at encouraging practitioners to properly evaluate their counter violent radicalisation activities and at building good practices into the design of any future interventions

More than one hundred participants registered for the different training sessions. Participants who joined these sessions included a wide mix of practitioners and stakeholders from: law enforcement agencies, municipalities and local authorities, non-governmental organisations, academia, government, EU-sponsored projects and institutions, as well as various public sector departments. The first training event took place in London on 18 February and saw the participation of representatives from the UK Home Office. The IMPACT Europe team then run two further training sessions during the course of the week in the Netherlands, on February 10, and in Denmark, on February 12. The last training session was held in Berlin on 15 February and saw the participation of representatives from the German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and from the RAN network.