IMPACT Europe consortium meets in Rome

On 30 November, IMPACT Europe consortium partners met in Rome for a project meeting to review recent project developments, and to discuss upcoming work and external engagement opportunities.

Following previous conversations among partners, the meeting was initially focussed on strategies to ensure the sustainability of the IMPACT Europe project beyond the end of its original funding cycle. Partners then turned their attention to debating potential future developments of the project evaluation Toolkit so as to create further added value for the PVE/CVE practitioner community.

Finally, project members who had been engaged in outreach and dissemination activities updated partners on their work aimed at raising awareness of the Toolkit among relevant stakeholder communities.  Consortium members also discussed plans for a public event, scheduled for late spring 2017, which will convene policymakers, frontline practitioners, and academic experts for discussion and debate around different aspects of radicalisation and evaluation work. Further details on this event will be announced early in 2017.

[Image shared by Luc Mercelis via Flickr; CC BY 2.0]