IMPACT Europe project and review meetings in Brussels

On 6 and 7 September, IMPACT Europe consortium partners met in Brussels to discuss ongoing project work and the future of the project. On this occasion, the IMPACT Europe team also met with representatives from the European Commission to undergo its second project review meeting.

On the first day, discussions held among partners focussed on ways to ensure the sustainability and continuing impact of the project and of its outputs, looking beyond the end of the existing grant agreement obtained under the Seventh Framework Programme. On the second day, consortium partners took part in the second project review meeting. On this occasion, representatives from the European Commission, as well as independent, external reviewers, offered the project team valuable insights and constructive comments on how the project outputs could be further refined. In particular, echoing comments previously made by Advisory Board members [read more here], reviewers encouraged the project team to look for avenues to help the project’s outputs gain further traction among the end-user and policy-maker communities and broaden their user-base.


[Image shared by Hernán Piñera via Flickr; CC BY 2.0]